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Center for Conflict Resolution

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What is your dream for Kansas City?

This campaign is made possible by:

This is a Community Capital Fund (CCF) -approved and -supported project that was awarded a CCF Neighborhood Opportunity Grant because of the impact it will have in building neighborhood capacity and revitalizing our community. CCF has awarded the Center for Conflict Resolution a total of $18,650 for the Safe and Connected Communities project where 75% of the award ($13,988) is provided as seed funding for the crowdfunding campaign. It’s up to supporters like you to contribute 10% ($1,865) so they can receive the 15% match and bonus (or $2,797) from CCF. Thank you for supporting this impactful project!

Our Mission:

To fulfill the dream many of us have for our city; effective, respectful communication. Learning ways to interact with others peacefully and justly creates safety for us all. 

What is Safe and Connected Communities? 

This project will bring together Kansas Citians who live and work in neighborhoods that are the most at-risk for conflict and violence. A circle format invites learning and deep connection between participants, forming a core group of individuals who will support each other during and after the experience.

Why are we doing it? 

Our mission is to fulfill the dream many of us have for our city. Learning ways to interact with others peacefully and justly creates safety for all.

What is the outcome of the project?  

Participants create an event to take back to their communities. The events uphold concepts of conflict resolution that they have learned. The result? A web of interconnectedness and safety strengthens families, churches, neighborhood groups and organizations from the inside out. 

How Can you help?

Contribute to Safe and Connected Communities to help advance the concept of respectful, peaceful problem solving in neighborhoods, schools, organizations and families.

What are the plans for Safe and Connected Communities?

We will continue to offer this program in 2016 and beyond, requesting contributions of about $20,000 a year to train and coach groups of people in conflict resolution.

Who currently sponsors CCR?

The Community Capital Fund is helping us launch Safe and Connected Communities. A contribution from you and others like you will help sustain the program moving forward. CCR is supported by United Way, Health Care Foundation, Tabitha Foundation, Jackson County COMBAT and other established funders that support program and general operations.

Who is CCR?  

We are a non-profit organization that has been in Jackson County for 15 years, serving people in need of conflict resolution assistance and training children, youth and adults to have effective conversations to problem solve.

Quotes from participants:

A high school teacher and participant at a previous workshop wrote, "Not only was I in awe during the class, but I'm in awe at how it has helped in my classroom, in my youth groups and in raising my son. This was definitely an amazing experience".

Another participant wrote, "The insight this experience has brought to me is the importance of listening to what a person says before responding in any form or fashion. I believe this skill all by itself would make a difference in our communities, jobs, church, schools etc. It would have a tremendous positive impact in our lives, period".



Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the future plans for this project?

    With your support CCR plans to add these workshop events to the list of training and services we provide on an ongoing basis.

  • Where are the sessions held?

    CCR facilitators go to the school, church or organization for ultimate convenience for participants.

  • Who teaches to sessions?

    CCR staff members lead the sessions. All staff members have 40 hours of mediation training, experiece with children, youth and adult mediation, training experience and some have advanced degrees in Conflict Transformation.

  • What is the format for the workshops?

    Groups meet for 3 hours, for 4 weeks. A meal or snacks are provided, with lots of time built in for sharing stories and struggles.

  • Who is involved in the workshops?

    Past participants included a core group at a Kansas City High School, staff and volunteers at a non-profit providing necessities for homeless people, a church group and others.

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